About Us

Common Purpose is a Seattle, Washington based community program focused on voter mobilization both in the Seattle area and throughout the nation. Our programs provide an on-ramp to citizen education, voting, and elections, with people making commitments to engage in voter mobilization or electoral campaigns. Common Purpose is free and open to all. Participants can engage in this work in a few different ways, dependent upon the level of time they wish to commit. We offer a “Full Experience Series” and “Condensed Impact Nights.” Within both programs we provide education, preparation, community, and support and have three goals:


Uphold Democracy

Support and catalyze a public who takes action in support of a just and inclusive democracy.

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Build Community

Foster community in which people learn from, support, laugh, grow with, and care about one another.


Promote Leadership

Develop and support diverse and rising leaders.


Full Experience 

Our Full Experience Series will run in two waves each year, over the next three years: twice in 2018, twice in 2019, and twice in 2020. Each wave a select number of states are chosen and a team is formed to do work in that state. Participants choose which state team they want to be part of and commit to providing hands-on action in a variety of ways: voter registration, distributing election materials, door-knocking, phone calls, or get-out-the-vote support. Over the course of each wave we host three Saturday workshops focused on preparing participants for this work through education, training, community building and support. Participants then volunteer within their local communities or travel to their desired state with their state team. 


Condensed Impact Nights

The Condensed Impact Nights are geared toward people looking to partake in civic engagement work but are unable to commit to the time requirements of our Full Experience series. Unlike our Full Experience Series, these are stand alone events and participants can choose to attend just one evening (or however many). During each wave we will host various weekday evening events focused on engagement and voter mobilization. There will be panel discussions, group projects/discussions and phone banking.